S.T.A.R.’s Theatre Programs consist of 5 original, developmentally targeted, dramatic musical productions with facilitated classroom education, serving 5th graders through young adults.

The Best I Can Be (4th, 5th, and 6th)
An interactive theatre piece for grades 4, 5 and 6, dealing with puberty, delayed precocious sexual behavior, pregnancy prevention, gender equity, HIV/AIDS, personal boundaries, divorce, and family.

Everybody’s Doin’ It (Middle School)
Everybody’s Doin’ It, but what is “it”? An interactive theatre piece about bullying and peer pressure, decision-making, negotiation, HIV/AIDS and homosexuality. Targeted to middle school audiences.

On the Down Lo  (High School)
On the Down Lo follows the stories of 6  high school students. Relationships are tested, alliances are forged and ultimately, all 6 are forced to confront secrets, take a stand on their own behalf, and embrace who they really are. Themes include: teen pregnancy, homophobia and “coming out,” virginity as a choice, condom negotiation and non-penetrative options, cyber bullying and gossip, and HIV/ AIDS and stigma.

DramaDotCom (High School and Young Adult)
STAR examines dating and sexual violence through the lens of the internet, social networking and text messaging, where relationship status is no longer private and texting has taken the place of talking. Issues explored include: social networking communication and cyber-bullying; dating violence; sexual negotiation; date rape and sexual violence; homophobia, and “coming out” issues for young people.

STAR TOO! Multiple Behavior Change Follow-Up Workshop Series: use improvisation, role-playing and peer role modeling to further explore issues presented in the S.T.A.R. performance.

Parent Workshops/Performances help adults understand adolescent development and model effective communication.

Professional Development Technical Assistance & Training Materials prepare schools and community organizations to use theater as a tool for behavior change.

For more information, please contact:
Leah Michalos, Program Director